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3-treasure in zhangjiajie
3-treasure in zhangjiajie


Zhangjiajie has rich resource of local products, such as Kudzu root powder, Fern root powder Stoneear (fungus), and the Eucommia tea, which are called zhangjiajies treasures.

    Kudzu root powder: Zhangjiajie has rich resource of Kudzu, which is local peoples favorite food; it can be easy taken with boiled water. It has medical functions: clear irascibility, clear the heat and toxin; strengthen stomach, balance Ying and Yang.

     Fern root powder

     Fern grows in the remote area of mountaintop; it has rich elements of iron, calcium, potass

     And phosphor, and aminophenol. Fern has strong medical function, which can kill fat, clear the heat, and diminish inflammation, and it is especially good for diabetes and blood pressure patients. The fern grows slowly and its production is limited, so it is very dear.


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