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Terms & Conditions(二) Disclaimers


Once tickets are issued, a fee equal to 25% of the ticket price plus tax will be charged if the tickets are cancelled within 24 hours prior to original departure time.

Hotel Reservations

There is no fee for cancellations or changes made outside of 72 hours (3 days) prior to arrival. Cancellations made within 72 hours (3 days) are subject to a fee equal to the first night plus tax.


Refunds or allowances will not be made for transportation, accommodations, tickets, services, or other portions of the tour which are unused on or after the tour departure date.

The following cancellation fees or refunds shall apply if, for any reason, the client cancels a tour. All cancellation terms are specified on a per person basis.

The cancellation fees are calculated according to the days of notice received prior to scheduled date of entering China. The penalty will be a percentage on the tour price:

30-17 days prior to the scheduled tour is 15%;
16-10 days prior to the scheduled tour is 35%;
9-3 days prior to the scheduled tour is 55%;
2-1 days prior to the scheduled tour is 85%;
On or after departure date is 100%.
For Yangtze River tour with the tourist boat, special provisions will be adopted:

31 days prior to the scheduled tour is 25%;
30-16 days prior to the scheduled tour is 55%;
Less than 16 days prior to the scheduled tour is 100%;
Such policy is imposed upon us by the tourist boat company.

OPERATION DETAILSTour OperationAlthough will endeavor to ensure that tours are available as advertised, an express condition of making a reservation is the acceptance by the client that tour itineraries and schedules, advertised accommodation, sightseeing programs and modes of transportation as outlined on this web site and/or supplied in pre-departure information are subject to change without prior notice. Air travel, coach journeys and other forms of transport and hotel accommodation are provided by independent operators and all bookings through www.zjjtrip.nete are subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of carriers, hotels and other service providers.
If your booking needs to be altered due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to vary your itinerary and inform you of the subsequent changes. If the varied itinerary is only available at a higher cost, the client will bear the increased price. Should such changes result in an itinerary which is materially different from your requested program and we have accepted your payment, you reserve the right to withdraw from the tour program and all money received will be refunded in full.

If for any reason, is forced to cancel a tour program, clients will be offered an alternative tour of a similar standard and arrangement. Should the alternative be unsuitable to the client, all money paid to in respect of the original tour program will be refunded in full.

An alternative itinerary or a refund of money offered or paid in the event of a tour change or cancellation is in full satisfaction of any claim for loss of enjoyment resulting from the change or cancellation

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