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Zhangjiajie shopping places

Zhangjiajie shopping places

2011-6-9 17:43:51   Source£º   Author£º

Commerce in Zhangjiajie is not as busy as the business in metropolises. But, in this wonderful natural resort, there are many local products which are worthy shopping. Then there are special markets, malls or streets for local products. Most tourists have the habit of shopping when traveling to other places. And shopping is one of the most important elements made up of a perfect tour. But shoppers should acquaint themselves with some shopping tips: 1. shop for the real local products or characteristic items the good and prices with different stores or booths and distinguish the true and fake ones 3.consider of those products with small size and light weight which are convenient for schlepping. 4. Do not follow the masses blindly and think of your needs carefully.
Recommend for shopping:

1.Zhangjiajie People¡¯s Square Commercial Pedestrian Street
There are two commercial pedestrian streets in Zhangjiajie. People¡¯s Square Commercial Pedestrian Street is in Zhangjiajie down town area-near People¡¯s Square in Yongding District. This commercial street gathering tour, shopping and recreation is 200 long. Its south is connected to Huilong Road, and it connects Jiefang Road in north. The People¡¯s Square Commercial Pedestrian Street is on the shape of a boat. It is full of full-bodied folk flavors. People¡¯s Square Commercial Pedestrian Street is at present the only real pedestrian street in Zhangjiajie. The famous historic site is on the opposite of this pedestrian street. And it is next to the beautiful city square-People¡¯s Sq

2.Zhangjiajie Tianzijie
Tianzijie is a shopping street in Wulingyuan Beauty Spot next to the pedestrian street of Wulingyuan. The big tour is the sign of Tianzijie. This street was in the past a bluestone road which was destroyed by flood. Tianzijie is now a famous center collected shopping, junketing, recreation, amusement and dining. Tianzijie is the first shopping center at the theme of tour. It is also the embodiment of centralizing Tu Minority culture. There is a virescence square in area of 2000 square meters. Tianzijie is the combination of folk art and architecture. There are shops in street; and shops stands in gardens. Every year, there will be many activities and shows from minorities.

3.Zhangjiajie Guanghe Shopping Center
Guanghe Shopping center reposes on Lingyuan Road North, Yongding District of Zhangjiajie gathering shopping, dining and recreation. This shopping center is divided into two-storey. The first floor deals in general merchandise, clothes, cosmetics, tour commodities, local products, craftworks, watches, glasses, hats, shoes, clothes, cameras, develop and printing, gold and silver ornaments and local flavors, etc. The second floor is a super market. Cuanghe Shopping Center provides a large parking lot for consumers, which is next to street. Guanghe Shopping Center is the largest shopping mall and biggest tourism shopping center in North of Xiangzi Area.

4.Zhangjiajie Meini Shopping Center
Meini Shopping Center is the other famous shopping centers in Zhangjiajie. Meini Group developed from a small shop by road and now turns into a large chain group including two large super markets, four intermediate super markets and a cultural company in Zhangjiajie. Meini Group is the business wonder in Zhangjiajie. Meini Shopping Center with excellent location and convenient traffic is not only a comprehensive market but also a modern super market. From Meini Shopping Center, you can buy daily articles, food, wines, tea, local characteristic products, minority handicrafts, cosmetics, books, video and music products, clothes, bags and all kinds of home electric equipments. If you are hungry, there is a rest room and snacks on the first floor.

5.Zhangjiajie Better Life (BuBuGao)
Better Life (BuBuGao) opened its branch in Zhangjiajie in year 2005. It is in the Jinhaian Commercial Center on Huilong Road, which is very close to Huantian Hotel (5-star). BuBuGao founded in 1995 is one the top 100 chain group in China. BuBuGao has three kinds of formats: Hyermart, Department Stores, and Electric Appliance Stores. BuBuGao (Better Life) in Zhangjiajie is one of the Electric Appliance Stores of BuBuGao Group. BuBuGao (Better Life) in Zhangjiajie contains thee floors. Its storage and facilities is on the basement covering 960 square meters. The first floor is about 2600 square meters and the second floor is about 3700 square meters.

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