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Hunan Opera---Liuhai Cutting Firewood

Hunan Opera---Liuhai Cutting Firewood

2012-3-1 23:00:01   Source£º   Author£º

Hunan Opera---Liuhai Cutting Firewood  
The performance, with the natural mountains----Tianmen mountain as the setting, has become a must-see for visitors to Zhang Jiajie, a tourist attraction. The culture administration and local government have already invested 120 million Yuan.the show cast is about 500 actors and actress, The famous musician Tanduan also joined the team, who created the music for Oscar winner crouching tiger hidden dragon. Mr Tan has come here several times to do some research. He wanted to combine the local music with pop music. Thus ,he can create some new elements in his music. The performance liuhai Cutting Firewood has been be on show for 3 years and have been great success, It is another hit after the performance Impression Liu Sanjie across the whole country.

The ancient love story---------Liuhai cutting firewood
The love story can be said that it is well-known in Hunan Province, where Flower Drum Opera is very popular. This love story also becomes very familiar to many viewers across the whole country in the form of Flower Drum Opera. However, few people know that this story originated in Changde Hunan province. Today , this legend is well-protected as non-material cultural heritage.
Long long time ago, Luhai and his mother lived in Wuling District Changde City. The mother missed her dead husband too much and became blind. Liuhai was very hardworking and filial. Everyday he went up to the mountains and cut wood. In this way he supported himself and his mother. There was a fox in the mountains, who had practiced for one thousand years as a Taoist. The fox got a precious and magic pearl .With the help of the pearl, the fox became a very beautiful lady. If she could practice more centuries, she would become a Taoist immortal and could go to heaven. She admired Liuhai very much and wanted to marry him. She named herself Hu Xiuying. One day she was on the way of Liuhai and expressed herself bravely. When Liuhai knew Hu Xiuyings aim, he declined her because of his hard life. Hu Xiuying insisted on marrying him, and at last Liuhai promised to marry her. They came back together and Liuhais mother also felt very happy. But their marriage was ruined by a toad , who robbed Hu Xiuying of her pearl. Without the pearl, she would become back a fox,  and she told Liuhai everything. Liuhai didnt blame her. Liuhai led friends to fight against the toad and he got the pearl. From then on , Liuhai and Hu Xiuying lived a happy life.

The story is very influential  even today. Liuhai and Hu Xiuying are embodiment of diligence, integrity, filial piety, loyalty and kindness. They have a lot of virtues. The story influences the locals very much. Hunan people made great contribution to China.

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