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useful public telephone in Zhangjiajie

please be noted the following public telephone when you are travelling in Zhangjiajie, you are protected by our service.

Alarm telephone: 110; Fire reporting telephone: 119; Emergency call: 120

    Traffic barricade: 122; Number infromating: 118114; Weather forecast: 12121

    Price reporting: 12358; Consumer right protection: 12315; sham and shoddy reporting: 12365

    Tourist complaint: 0744-8380193 (urban area) 5712189 (forest park)

    Inquire telephone of Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport: 0744-8238294

    Flight advisory telephone of Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport: 0744-8220128  0744-8227493 0744-8227494

    Airport ticket office: 0744-8238293

    Zhangjiajie Railway Station-master Office: 0744-8512112

    Zhangjiajie City Bus Station 0744-8290881

    Zhangjiajie City Tourism Bureau 0744-8380188

    Zhangjiajie Tourist Agency Industry Management Section 0744-8380185

    Zhangjiajie Forest Park Police Station: 0744-5712381

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