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Hunan Embroidery
Hunan Embroidery


Hunan Embroidery is a folk art with Xiang-Chu cultural characteristics created by the industrious and intelligent people of Hunan during the long period of historical civilization. 

Biginning with over 2000 years ago (the spring & Autumn Period), Hunan Embroidery has long historical origins. Viewing lots of embroideries unearthed in the Warring States Chu Tomb and Xihan Dynastys Mawangdui Tomb in Changsha, we can see that the local embroider of Hunan at that time had reached to a surprising standard. After a long period of evolution, in the 19th century, with the development of Hunan Embroidery commodity economy, many embroidering artisans kept on.

Exploring and a lot of traditional Chinese painters concentrated on studies, Hunan Embroidery absorbed the art quintessence of old Chinese culture from painting, embroidery, classical Chinese poems & songs, calligraphy and metal & stone, thus, Hunan Embroidery has formed its own characteristics: basing on traditional Chinese painting, meticulously portraying on different materials with scores of needle ways and many embroidery threads of different chlorite. In early 20th century, Hunan Embroidery gained many outstanding honors for its unique style at home and abroad and became one of the four famous embroideries in China.

As a main producer and researcher of Hunan Embroider, Hunan Embroidery Research Institute have a large number of profession technical personnel technical personnel including 5 national great masters. Both Lion and tiger in Pengmao stitch which were originated by our institute won gold cups in the Flowers award of the Chinese National Arts and Crafts; and both of them were selected as national treasure; the double-faced embroidery was awarded as inconceivable magic art ; the double-faced embroidery Yang Yuhuan and Full Moon were collected by the departments concerned; the huge double-faced embroidery immortals offer birthday congratulations brought Hunan Embroidery to a new height of art; the huge double-faced screen which was created as a gift to celebrate the Return of Hong Kong A Hundred Bird Worship the Phoenix, spring Scenery of Dongting lake won identical high appraise of Chinese and foreign guests who attended the Ceremony of the Return of Hong Kong & the Establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Besides, we have developed such Hunan Embroidery series as chumming hanging.

Embroidery, embroidery & paiting, handicraft clothes, family decoration to meet the needs of society.

In order to protect the art of Hunan Embroidery and prevent the treasure of Hunan Embroidery from running off, with the solicitude of the society and the support of the government, we have established China Hunan Embroidery Museum in the yard of Hunan Research Institute. The museum will show the history and artistry to the world. With the construction area of 810m2 and over 1200 pieces of Hunan Embroidery collected, the museum is divided into three theme exhibition halls: Historical Origins of Hunan Embroidery, Springing Up of Hunan Embroidery and Exquisite Modern Hunan Embroidery. The works on show lively re-appear the development of the handicraft of Hunan Embroidery and the consummate works of elder artisans, vividly depict the development course of Hunan Embroidery and the perfect modern works and reveal the new graceful bearing of embroidery art

   We wish you enjoy beauty here and learn the magnificent art of Hunan Embroidery by heart. The art of Hunan Embroidery will last forever.


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