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New musical highlights natural beauty of Zhangjiaj

New musical highlights natural beauty of Zhangjiajie

2010-5-22 10:51:25   Source£º   Author£º

New musical highlights natural beauty of Zhangjiajie
The operator of the musical titled The Love Story of a Fox Fairy at Tianmenshan Mountain and Woodcutter Liu Hai talks about the story at a press conference.

A press conference for the first musical in the world set in the open-air natural landscape, in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, titled The Love Story of a Fox Fairy at Tianmenshan Mountain and Woodcutter Liu Hai, was held at the China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF).

Based on a well-known folk tale in Hunan and the Huagu Opera, The Woodcutter Liu Hai of Hunan, this musical incorporates folk songs and folk dances of Zhangjiajie flavor and has been re-created as a love story with a magnificent background.

In this musical, audiences will see a man-made moon and blizzard, a narrow footbridge over two mountains in the air, as well as a folk song troupe of hundreds of girls dressed up in costumes. In particular, the 1,500-meter-high Tianmenshan Mountain will be in the spotlight for a split-second period during the climax of the story.

This love story was first performed last September and has attracted 150,000 tourists from the Chinese mainland, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong as well as Macau, within four months.

Tan Dun, musical director of this story and Academy Award-winning Chinese contemporary classical composer, said during the conference, ¡°I hoped to forge another classic like the Butterfly Lovers.¡±

Interested in this Huagu Opera starting at a young age, Tan Dun believed that it was the scenic and cultural attractions of Zhangjiajie that helped him find a way to achieve his dream.

The operator of this musical will work in collaboration with Hunan TV Station and to select the leading lady ¡°Fox Fairy¡± in a global search. The selected ¡°Fox Fairy¡±will be named Zhangjiajie Tour Ambassador, to publicize the attraction of Zhangjiajie city and Hunan province.

Tan Dun and Mei Shuaiyuan, director in chief and creator of nature theater, said an indoor version for this story will be planned and it will be performed around the world, Broadway included, to showcase the charm of Chinese culture for the world.

Lu Jianping, member of CPC Standing Committee of Hunan province and provincial publicity director, and Xiao Lingzhi, member of CPC Standing Committee of Zhangjiajie city and municipal publicity director, believed this musical was the cultural card of Hunan province. Xiao said this love story will attract millions more for local tourism in addition to the almost 20 million tourists to Zhangjiajie every year.

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